Destiny’s Original Story Was Scrapped Last Minute


When Destiny launched last year, many reviewer’s and gamers found the story to be vague, loaded with flat characters, and really campy dialogue. This was not the original idea and story behind Destiny, a game with a rather turbulent behind the scenes shake up.

The game had a completely different story and was put into a “super cut,” to be presented to the heads of Bungie. Kotaku reports that much of what “The Taken King” included was originally going  to be used in vanilla Destiny, as the Hive planned to kidnap Rasputin and a third of the game would take place on the Dreadnaught.

The story then went through several revisions and then being rebooted.

Bungie ditched everything Joe Staten and his team had written, reworking Destiny’s entire structure as they scrapped plot threads, overhauled characters, and rewrote most of the dialogue. The decision was made against Staten’s wishes, sources say.

Studio heads felt the story was too “campy and linear,” dumping Staten’s vision of what Bungie was going to be and effectively creating what we know as Destiny now.

The read is fascinating and the full piece can be read here. A Destiny sequel is rumoured to launch in 2016 developed by High Moon Studios.