Destiny 2’s Next Expansion Goes To The Moon

Last week, Bungie announced that they were ready to tease the future of Destiny 2 sometime this week. As it were, the future is no longer a surprise thanks to data miners looking through the files within the PC version.  Shadowkeep is real and returns players to the moon and is set to go live this fall.

“The next chapter in the Destiny experience arrives this fall as terrifying shadows descend upon a forgotten moon,” the image reads. “Return to the lunar surface. Journey deep into a mysterious enemy citadel. Become a slayer of nightmares.”

Bungie plans on revealing Shadowkeep on Thursday via livestream.  If you played Destiny, the moon was a major location and part of the story, we’ve not seen the area since, but that is looking to change.

Source: ResetEra


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