Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Destiny 2’s The Final Shape Is Set For 2024

Launching next year, after some new seasonal content and formats

“After all these years.” The opening lines in Destiny 2 and Bungie’s latest trailer for the next expansion that’s titled The Final Shape. It’s a compelling set up even for a lapsed Destiny 2 player like myself. The story is ready to tell why you, the player, the Guardian, were chosen in the first place.

Ikora Rey, Commander Zavala, and the returning Cayde-6 are all in the reveal trailer. It’s framed as a last stand, as one final mission, one final hill to climb with your companions.

“This Fight Might Be Our Last”

This looks to be the final chapter for Destiny 2: “The story of this final confrontation will be told throughout The Final Shape’s campaign, as well as in the new raid that will launch in March 2024.”

The campaign will take players to The Pale Heart, a location inside The Traveler. There, you’ll be presented with nostalgic areas like the original Destiny Tower and others as it evolves.

New Abilities, Weapons, and Enemies

Along with new locations and some familiar faces comes a set of three Super Abilities and Aspects, “Void for Titans, Solar for Warlocks, and Arc for Hunters, each developed with teamplay in mind.”

On top of that, a new weapon subfamily is being introduced. The Rocket Pistol Sidearm is first up, followed by a Support Frame Auto Rifle that can both damage and heal allies.

But what are you supposed to do with all these new and fun things at your disposal? Well, Bungie is glad you asked! Destiny 2 will now have a new enemy type in Subjugators who can use Stasis and Strand powers against Guardians while adding an element of control to the battlefield.”


A new episodic approach will now be taken for seasonal content. Bungie says, “There will be three separate Episodes in 2024 – Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy, respectively – with the first Episode launching in March. Each episode will be a standalone story told in three Acts, exploring the aftermath and fallout of the events of the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga.

New Season and Player Progression

Season of the Witch is here. Destiny 2 players didn’t have to wait as it was released with the Gamescom presentation. Continuing the pursuit of The Witness, players will have to resurrect The Witch Queen to defeat her sister Xivu Arath. But of course, it’s not always that simple, is it? The Witness will be trying to activate The Final Shape.

With the season comes new player progression as well. A card or tactics-based approach is being introduced. “By completing Seasonal activities, players earn cards that can be used to build a customized deck full of buffs and perks for certain activities. Players in fireteams have the option to carefully strategize which cards they bring along to maximize their battle effectiveness on each run.”

A raid launched in the original Destiny‘s early days is also available on September 1st. “Crota’s End finds Guardians braving the Lunar landscape to enter the Hellmouth and confront Oryx’s son once and for all.”

Destiny 2’s Season of The Witch is out now, and The Final Shape is available on February 27, 2024. Pre-orders are also available today, with each edition including some perks and cosmetics.