Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Beta Glitch Gives Infinite Super Attack


In the Destiny 2 Beta a glitch has been uncovered that gives players infinite super attack.

Players have been loving every minute of Destiny 2 with its difficulty that proves challenging to even the hardcore Destiny 2 fans, but it seems they can now get some help with a recently discovered glitch. The glitch that was discovered by twitch streamer Luckyy_and_BW gives players the advantage of infinite energy for players’ super bar.

Since the initial discovery players have confirmed that the glitch does exist but only in The Inverted Spire Strike. It also is confirmed by players that it works on all three subclasses that are available in beta: Arcstrider Hunter, Dawnblade Warlock and Sentinel Titan.

To take advantage of the glitch you have to stay where you are when you start Inverted Spire Strike. Then kill the enemies in the area until pikes arrive. After that use your super attack while jumping on the pike. If everything is done correctly your guardian will have their super weapon in their hands while sitting on the vehicle. Then swap your primary weapon for another one and then switch back to the original primary weapon.

Beta launched earlier this week, first exclusively for players who pre-order on PlayStation and now for Xbox One pre-order customers. The beta will open up to other all other players on all platforms tomorrow, Friday July 21.