Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars Moves To 2023

Keoken Interactive has announced that Deliver Us Marsthe follow-up to Deliver Us The Moon has been delayed and will not launch in 2022 as intended.

Starring Kathy Johanson, a new member of the Zephy space shuttle on the way to Mars, the goal is to retrieve a vital colonization vessel known as the ARK.

The game is now expected to launch on February 2, 2023, with Frontier Development publishing Deliver Us Mars. Keoken promises a new look at the game at the Future Games Show at Gamescom next week on August 24.

With more and more titles shifting their release date next year, it has been nice to see fans being more supportive of the delays on social media these days. Given that the pandemic is still happening around the world and many developers have now shifted to a hybrid schedule, the return to normalcy will take some time. We’ll see more delays before the end of the year but these are (and should be) expected.