Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars Gives Us A New Story Trailer

While Keoken Interactive announced Deliver Us Mars is no longer launching this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t check out what players can expect from the game’s story when it launches in 2023.

Starring Kathy Johanson, a new member of the Zephy space shuttle on the way to Mars, the goal is to retrieve a vital colonization vessel known as the ARK. Keoken says that the story is the heart of Deliver Us Mars and the studio is building on what Deliver Us The Moon offered thanks to the actors bringing these characters to life.

The spotlight of the trailer is how Kathy’s motivations are complicated and while she wants to help save Earth and ensure the planet’s humanity, she also cares about finding her father who is somehow still living somewhere on the Red Planet (maybe?).

Additionally, the mechanics have been improved in the sequel as there is now precision-based climbing and a new way to approach the in-game puzzles. I’m pretty much expecting we’ll get a great experience next year given how excellent Deliver Us The Moon turned out to be