Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us The Moon Developer Announces Lay Offs After Struggling to Acquire More Funding At GDC 2024

The game industry layoffs do not stop as KeokeN Interactive, the studio better known for the Deliver Us the Moon and Deliver Us Mars games has announced in a post it is laying off most of its team. KeokeN Interactive CEO Keon Deetman and managing director Paul Deetman revealed in a pre-written statement that the reason was due to not finding the funding needed at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this past March, according to

“Heartbroken, we’ve had to lay off our team at KeokeN because of nothing substantial materializing directly after our visit to GDC. We’ve unfortunately exhausted all our possible options for publishing, work for hire, and co-development,” Keon and Paul Deetman said in a joint statement.

Right now the Deetman brothers’ main priority is to help their laid-off staff find new work opportunities elsewhere including positions in programming, tech art, porting, level design, audio, animation, production, and office management. Before this year’s GDC, KeokeN Interactive had around 45 employees once upon a time ago but that number drastically went down to less than 20 before GDC.

Things were so bad the company’s Deetman co-founders made an effort to keep the company afloat by taking “significant” pay cuts where the two brothers weren’t paid a salary for months on end, according to Game Developer. Even though KeokeN Interactive is in bad shape now with just being down to its co-founders at this point the studio isn’t closing down. As one final ditch effort, the co-founders revealed that they are preparing to launch a Kickstarter for their next Deliver Us title, Deliver Us Home.

“This is one small step for KeokeN, one giant leap for Deliver Us Home. A game we will build for you and with you,” KeokeN Interactive’s co-founders added at the end of their statement,