Deca Police

Deca Police Heads to Nintendo Switch in 2023

It looks like we’re getting something new from LEVEL 5 as the developer announced its new crime-suspense RPG, Deca Police during today’s Nintendo Direct trailer and is heading to Nintendo Switch consoles in 2023.

Here is the official description from the official website:

DECASIM, a virtual world created from a perfect copy of reality.

More than just a simulation, it’s a complete copy of a real city, a forbidden place where memories of every past crime lie dormant.

“Clues” found in DECASIM can help unravel the riddles of the real world.

In it, you are inserted into the shoes of rookie detective, Harvard who is ready to hunt down criminals that players will find in a huge open-world crime-ridden city. Players will be switching back between the real world and the virtual one as you the player investigate cases in both realities in this upcoming mysterious detective narrative RPG when Deca Police launches on Nintendo Switch this year.