Deathloop Will Now Launch in September

Arkane’s Deathloop has been delayed once again, this time moving to September 14, 2021, the studio announced today. Originally, the game was set to launch on May 21, 2021.

Citing health and safety as the main reason behind the delay, the current ongoing pandemic has done a number on game development across the world as most studios have shifted to remote work. “We’ll be using this extra time to accomplish our goal: create a fun, stylish, and mind-bending player experience,” Arkane wrote. “We apologize for the extended wait and thank you all for your passion and excitement.”

While I’m bummed we won’t be playing Deahtloop next month, the added time will help alleviate my backlog a bit. I’m fully supportive of any studio that needs to delay their game and will always back this sort of decision. We’re finally seeing what sort of damage the pandemic is having on game development and while it isn’t opportune, it’s also okay that the transition to remote work has seen a drop in production, we’re all in this together after all.