Soulslike, Class-Based Deathbound Announced

Tate Multimedia and developer Trialforge Studio revealed Deathbound this week with a new trailer revealing that it’s Soulslike with classes.

The action RPG is set in Ziêminal and the city of Akratya, where faith and science decimated these places. Joining a crusade, players face monsters and fight to survive. There is a conquest to eliminate the Cult of Life. However, you stand in the way.

Deathbound features the Binding System, a way to absorb enemies of their essence to form a party. You can shape your playstyle to cater to the skills and abilities of each warrior and unleash Morphstrikes through their combined powers. Through Essence, you gain fallen warriors’ skills, memories, and identities, then combine them to form unique personalities and combat styles.

You can by wishlist Deathbound on Steam, and it is expected to launch in 2024.