Death Stranding Teaser Hints Something Is Coming Tomorrow

Hideo Kojima and some of the stars cast in Death Stranding are using social media to tease some sort of announcement. Over the weekend, “Create The Rope,” released on Twitter, which led to another similar clip releasing asking followers to “Help Us Reconnect“. Whatever that means!

Both videos begin with a handprint set to a backdrop with water, with ominous music in the background. In the 30 second clip, the build-up leads to the words “Create The Rope,” and “Help Us Reconnect,” two statements that I have no inkling of knowledge about. A tweet from Kojima points to something happening tomorrow. I hope there’s some substance with whatever comes tomorrow as I feel Kojima has dragged this game out for far too long. I’m equal parts eager and anxious about what Death Stranding is and we need something more than trailers that have no answers.

We will find out tomorrow, I guess.