Death Stranding Director's Cut

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Delivers One Final Trailer

The final Death Stranding Director’s Cut trailer has landed, bringing with it a personal touch by Hideo Kojima, who personally edited this video below. The music was chosen by Kojima and comes from Woodkid, who you’ve certainly heard before.

What makes this trailer stand out particularly is the tone — there’s more of a creep factor in the trailer than anything preceding it. The five-minute trailer takes us through some of the game’s more outlier segments interspersed with some of the new content coming, including the go-kart track. Kojima is adding new enemy types, new mechanics to get around the fragmented United States, and new tools to combat the BTs looking to consume Sam Bridges.

During my review of Death Stranding, I mentioned this about the game, saying Death Stranding is far from the perfect game but it’s the perfect game to talk about. Hideo Kojima doesn’t just deliver a video game, but an experience packed to the brim with ideologies and philosophical questions; going back decades and including the Metal Gear series. Discussions about this game and whether it’s merely a mundane experience or something holistically brilliant set it apart from the norm.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut launches on September 24, 2021.