Dead Space

Dead Space’s Launch Trailer Lifts Off To The USG Ishimura

We’re just a few weeks away from EA Motive’s Dead Space remake and today we’re getting the launch trailer after the game went gold last month.

EA also has a new Inside Dead Space blog post available, discussing how the team at Motive took the original story and evolved it in a respectful way.

“You’re descending into Hell to save your beloved,” says Senior Game Writer Jo Berry. “That’s one of the oldest stories there is. But the Dead Space interpretation of that is also very relevant, because it talks about corporate corruption, about spirituality going awry, about division versus reconnection….”

“And it plays on fears that we all share,” says Realization Director Joel MacMillan. “The fear of the unknown, of isolation, paranoia, dehumanization—these fears are common in all cultures, communities, and generations. They’re ingrained in us at a genetic level.”

EA Motive wants to tell a personal story, one that has monsters and sci-fi in it, but a story anchored in a personal journey, one that is relatable.”

The team working on the Dead Space remake put their own spin on the established story, and one of the hurdles the team faced was when to not to. What the team did is kept what worked from the original story while touching up the things that didn’t or that were considered problematic.

Head over to the official site for what the changes entail.

Dead Space launches on January 27, 2023.