Dead Space

Dead Space Remake Live Stream Set for Friday

Electronic Arts and Motive Studios are back with another look at the upcoming Dead Space Remake.

“Motive invites you to the latest in their series of early looks at the development and what goes into the remake of a game,” the studio said. The YouTube live stream is set for 10 AM PT/1 PM ET this Friday, March 11.

We don’t know much else at the moment about the upcoming remake but EA and Motive are promising an expanded take on the original Dead Space with protagonist Isaac Clarke’s voice actor Gunner Wright returning. We haven’t heard much of anything from EA Motive outside of what was revealed last August but the new peeling system that showcases how weapons peel away flesh and bone from the Necromorph enemy is something I’m hoping to learn more of.

Dead Space was originally created by Visceral Games in 2008, garnering two direct sequels and several spin-offs and media tie-ins. After 2013’s Dead Space 3, Visceral was shuttered.