Dead Island 2 Haus

Dead Island 2’s First Story Expansion Launching Next Month

Deep Silver’s Dambuster Studio will launch a new expansion for Dead Island 2 next month. The update will be called Haus and will launch on November 2.

Haus continues the story introduced in Dead Island 2 after a billionaire’s cult is discovered, and humanity’s no longer serving the moral compass it once used. Instead, the group’s leader, Konstantin, prophesizes this as the “paragon of a new future.” It’s up to players to prove them wrong.

Dead Island 2‘s Haus includes new weapons and cards and is the first of two story expansions. The new weapons include K-rossbow, used for precision and lethality and perfect for long-range as it explodes on impact; there’s also the Hog Roaster; and the Dead Islands.