Opening Night Live Dead Island 2 video game releases

Dead Island 2 Moves Release Up by One Week, Now Launching on April 21st

Publisher Deep Silver alongside Developer Dambuster Studios has revealed that their upcoming game, Dead Island 2 is getting a release date shift. It’s not a delay though as the game is launching one week earlier on April 21st instead of its second initial release date of April 28th.

In an industry where game delays happen seemingly every month last year, it’s rare that we get news of games coming out earlier than expected but it’s a breath of fresh air. As part of the announcement, Dead Island‘s official Twitter account released a video featuring a series of messages wishing they could play the game early and a voice “granting” that wish before stating the game has gone gold.

“You asked for it, you got it. Dead Island 2 went gold and it’s coming out a week early. See you in HELL-A on April 21, 2023,” Dead Island’s official Twitter account said in a Tweet.

Now the reason behind the earlier release date news wasn’t revealed, but we can put two and two together as it might have to do with last month’s news of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor being delayed to April 28th; the same day as Dead Island 2. Instead of going head-to-head on the same day, after almost two weeks Deep Silver made the decision of launching their game a bit earlier than the EA game.

Dead Island 2 has been a game that has been in its own development hell for almost the last decade as it was initially announced back in 2014 under a different developer. Since then it has changed developers multiple times before Deep Silver’s own internal developer, Dambuster Studio held onto the reigns in 2019. We got a first look at their progress in a “re-reveal” at Geoff Keighley’s most recent Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase which initially dated the game for February 3rd, 2023 which was later delayed to the previously stated April 28th date.

Dead Island 2 is set to hit PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms on April 21st.