Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Rumoured to Launch This Year

After nearly 8 years since its announcement, Dead Island 2 is reported to finally be released later this year.

The news comes courtesy of leaker/insider Tom Henderson, who said he’s talked to people close to the development of Dead Island 2.

Sources told Henderson a bit about the game’s plot and the start of the game.

“You’re on a plane and there’s a zombie outbreak on a plane… eventually the plane crashes into Hollywood, you survive and it’s then your job to survive on the ground.”

The game was first unveiled back at E3 2014 when Yager Development (who previously made Spec Ops: The Line) was initially set to develop the sequel after the first game’s original developer, Techland passed.

The development of the title then switched to UK-based Sumo Digital in 2016. Then in 2019, the development changed hands once again to Deep Silver internal studio, Dambuster Studios.

Henderson has said that the game is currently pushing for Q4 2022 release date or early 2023.