Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant Out Today

Developer Motion Twin’s smash hit Dead Cells has free downloadable content out today on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The update is expected to launch on Xbox One soon.

If you’ve beaten the game at least once, then the new Cavern section is open to you. The new environment is going to take all your wits to survive as the area is full of traps, lava pools and new enemies out for your blood.

The new update also introduces a skin system, where you’re able to dress your character with more than 50 new outfits and new loot can be found via the blueprints scattered about. Also, there are new skills included, ten new weapons, and a hidden level for advanced players. Lastly, the Hunter Grenade door in the Prisoners’ Quarters has been replaced by a new Specialist shop.

If the two million copies sold is any indication, Dead Cells is a hit for indie studio Motion Twin. We loved our time trying to best the world they created and you can read our review here.

The entire list of patch notes can be found here.