Dead Cells Coming To iOS And Android This Summer

Motion Twin’s massively successful roguelike Dead Cells, is making its way to both iOS and Android, with Apple devices getting the game first.

The French studio is working with Playdigious, who previously worked on games like Evoland 2 and Cultist Simultator on mobile. Now, they are working together to bring the critically-acclaimed Dead Cells to your mobile device and I can’t think of a better game that belongs on a phone.

Don’t expect a quick port over either, as the new version featured a revamped interface, MFi controller support, and features zero free-to-play mechanics (whew!). iOS is getting the port first, and Android at some point later on.

In my review I mentioned that “Dead Cells stands above many games thanks to its rewarding gameplay loops, fantastic controls, steady progression system, and most importantly, it’s a welcoming challenge.” A year later, and with new DLC, this is a game that brings me back to it only to see how far I can get before taking a break. Dead Cells is great for bite-sized gaming, and what better place than on iOS.