Dead Cells Animated Series

Dead Cells Is Getting A Brand-New Animated Series Next Year

Motion Twin has announced Dead Cells will receive an animated series next year. The project comes from Bobbypills, an animation house and ADN (Animation Digital Network), an animated streaming service that works with Evil Empire and Motion Twin.

Set on a cursed island facing a plague, the island’s king develops a remedy that, in a not-so-surprising twist, turns the population into monsters. Enter the prophecized flame-headed hero who turns out is a beheaded hero whose only ask is to be left alone.

The Dead Cells series recently hit 10 million copies sold and launched a Castlevania crossover. In my review of the Dead Cells expansion, I said, “ Return to Castlevania provides a beautiful love letter to Konami’s iconic series while adding something new. Sure, it might not be nearly as intrinsic as the main series, but there’s enough to enjoy between the blueprints, new weapons, and unlockable costumes to wear. And when you’re finished, the added benefit of playing as some of the iconic characters almost makes up for not having a new Castlevania in almost a decade.”