DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online Developer Dimensional Ink Faces Layoffs, No Exact Number Given But Veteran Staff Members Are Affected

If you thought you hadn’t read any layoff news in a while, I have some bad news for you as DC Universe Online developer Dimensional Ink is facing layoffs, according to Game Developer.

We don’t know how many people were exactly affected at this point, but the studio’s art, community, and narrative teams were reportedly hit. However, we got a little more clarity on the focus of the layoffs as a current employee anonymously said to Kotaku that the studio’s senior staff were impacted. Some employees we know that were laid off include community manager Theodore Stone, aka Mepps (after 13 years), art producer Andy Danger (after four years), narrative designer Lynnea Glasser (after four years), and recruiter Sarah Walker (after one year).

DC Universe Online first launched on PC and PS3 in January 2011, which would later come to PS4 in 2013, Xbox One in 2016, and Nintendo Switch in 2019. PS5 and Xbox Series versions of DC Universe Online were initially slated for a holiday release but were later delayed to Q1 2024, sometime after the game’s 13th anniversary, which could be further delayed due to the recent layoffs.

Last year, the video game industry saw an estimated 10,500 layoffs in 2023, according to Video Game Layoffs. Now that we’re almost a month into the new year, layoffs are already at over 6,400, according to Kotaku’s tracking. When we have the numbers from the DC Universe Online number, that number will probably increase, and that’s not counting the possible (that I don’t want to happen) future layoffs.