Dbrand’s $50 NOT Zelda Switch Dock Skin Has Expletive Message for Nintendo’s Twitching Lawsuit Finger

Dbrand either doesn’t care or is trying to make enemies with all console manufacturers as the company has launched a $49.95 “totally not” Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom inspired skin for the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, according to The Verge.

Starting with the inspired Nintendo Switch, which the company calls the “Clone of the Kingdom,” which is so similar to Nintendo’s limited edition OLED Switch that it’s almost comical. It’s very close, but there are some differences if you look closely through Polygon’s slider; firstly, the triforce on Nintendo’s limited edition console is replaced on Dbrand’s with the Eye of Providence or, as you may know, the Illuminati symbol. The second difference is the runes featured on the skins; The Verge translated the characters. It has a message specifically for Nintendo’s lawyers, with Dbrand telling them to “go f*** yourselves,” basically goating them to put their hands up in the legal fight club.


Anyone who does decide to pick this up will not just get the dock skin but another skin for your joy cons that come in green and gold which also is eerily similar to the ones that come with the Tears of the Kingdom’s limited edition console. The Steam Deck skin, however, is a bit tamer without the almost 1-to-1 comparison but does feature similar gold patterns on a black matted front and back skin. The purchase, which costs the same as the Switch skin, also comes with a microfiber cloth and two trackpad skins.