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Days Gone Cinematic Trailer Goes For Broke

Bend Studio and Sony Interactive released another trailer for upcoming open-world, not a zombie shooter, Days Gone.

The short trailer features protagonist Deacon St. John, speaking with survivors and engaging what are known in this world as Freakers, humans victim to infection and are now cannibalistic beings overrunning the world in droves. As it is explained, this virus enhanced their abilities also, granting them enhanced speed, strength and more.

The closer we get to launch, the more we learn about the story of Days Gone. Bend Studio clearly has a ton hidden for us to uncover when the game launches next month but the breadcrumbs leading up to release haven’t been enough to satiate my curiosity. Recent gameplay previews even made things worse after hearing how good the game felt to play.

Days Gone launches on exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 26.