David Cage Wants To Push It To the Limit With Detroit: Become Human


Sony sits down with David Cage to discuss how Quantic Dream’s new engine that is being used for Detroit: Become Human has improved the way the story unfolds, making it more cinematic.

On the PlayStation Blog, we get to learn more about what’s behind Detroit: Become Human’s story, which I think really feels like Robocop by the way, how the story will have complex characters and relationships.

We learn more about Kara and Connor, Connor being the advanced android we met at the E3 presentation. This android is top of the line which is basically the world’s greatest detective and can help the police solve crimes and hold his own against criminals.

Cage goes on to describe the process to hire actors for his  characters. “All of our characters are real people,” he states, “we do a casting session and find the right actor for the role and then scan his face in 3D, his body, recreate his avatar, get him on set and record his performance.”

It’s an interesting look at the project Cage is working on, he’s a wonderful storyteller and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for Quantic Dream’s newest game.