Dave the diver

Dave The Diver Reels In One Million Sales

And the game is still only available on one platform

Is a game still “indie” when it crushes one million sales on just one platform? Or is it now officially a juggernaut!? Well, Dave The Diver is a bit of both, it seems. Mintrocket’s debut title has made massive waves since it debuted in early access and just recently launched its 1.0 version on Steam last month.

I played the game several months into its early access period and wrote about it here. You can also see the preview build’s first 30 minutes below. Even in the first few moments of Dave The Diver, it’s easy to see why its art style, gameplay loop, and great humour have connected with over one million gamers on PC and Steamdeck.

A release celebrating the milestone says, “Dave the Diver has seen a peak concurrent players count of over 98,000, reached over 66k concurrent viewers on Twitch.” Meantime, on Steam, there are “over 28,000 player reviews while maintaining its ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rating.”

I’ve continued playing the game since its release and still love every second I play. There are many systems and mechanics at play, but most of them work together to create a cohesive and deep gameplay loop that always has me wanting more. I’m not the only one.

If you’re not convinced or haven’t picked it up, Dave the Diver is now on Steam with a 10 percent discount during the Steam Summer Sale.