Dave the Diver Dredge

Dave The Diver Reels In The Dark Depths of Dredge In Free Update

The indie team up we didn't know we needed

We may not have known we needed these two games to team up. If there were two games, it had to be these two.

Dredge is bringing its creepy, grotesque, and deep-water creations to Dave the Diver in a free update.

Both games were nominated for Best Indie Game at the 2023 Game Awards, and now they’re merging their unique personalities into one!

On a personal note, Dredge is one of my favourite games of the year. I think about it often and cannot wait to…dive… into its DLC as soon as I get the chance.

According to the teams at Mint Rocket and Black Salt Games, this is what you can expect from the new update:

  • A new “fog” weather event, which introduces the Dredge content later in the game
  • New night map to explore
  • New weapon, the Drain Gun
  • Drive Dave’s boat similar to Dredge gameplay, choosing different diving spots
  • Catch Aberrations, unique creatures with diverse attack patterns
  • New “Hooded Figures” to serve at Bancho Sushi using unique dishes created from Aberrant fish

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long; Dredge will be dishing out its creeping and other-worldly fish in Dave the Diver on December 15th.