Darkborn From Studio The Outsiders Revealed

A studio with former Battlefield developers David Goldfarb and Benjamin Cousins at the helm revealed their first game – Darkborn. The Outsiders, as the studio is known, has a website, and offers some information about their upcoming game.

Set in first-person, Darkborn is a tale of vengeance and sees us play as a literal monster, where you seek revenge against the Vikings who live on your land. Right now, the game is in pre-alpha – per an IGN article revealing the game as it is known today.

“Darkborn is first and foremost a game about being a monster,” Goldfarb said. “Playing it is about experiencing that monstrous quality – in first person combat, in novel abilities and movement, and even in enemy reactions to you.”

According to Goldfarb, don’t expect things to be so clear black and white as not all humans are necessarily evil. The studio is mum on the details but is planning on revealing more as the game progresses in development.

No release date for Darkborn, but it’s already a title I’m interested in knowing more about.

The original pitch is included below: