daemon machina

Daemon X Machina Trailer Shows Improvements After Feedback

Daemon X Machina is looking good, and after being revealed during last year’s Nintendo E3 Direct, a demo called the Prototype Missions released on Nintendo Switch so players could finally get a taste of the mecha-driven action from Marvelous. The third-person shooter demo ended with the studio asking fans for feedback about how to improve the game before launch, and now we’re seeing what they’ve implemented.

In a new trailer, the video showcases the before and after of all the changes implemented.

  • New equipment allows you to lock-on to enemies. When equipped, the camera will track any enemy that has been locked-on to.
  • Enemy health bars have been added during boss and Arsenal battles.
  • Equipment can be scavenged from defeated enemies from further away.
  • You can also now steal equipment while hovering.
  • Indicators now show which direction enemy fire is coming from.
  • Motion controls have been added for aiming – you can tune sensitivity, or turn them on or off, in the Options menu.
  • If you hold the attack button while reloading, your weapon will start firing as soon as the reload is completed.
  • By default, the R button is used for boosting and the Y button fires auxiliary weapons. You can change the button configurations in the Options menu.
  • The initial velocity at which you ascend and descend mid-air has been increased.
  • Attacks now feel more forceful thanks to additional sound effects.
  • You’re no longer forced back into the mission area if you step outside. Now, you’ll fail the mission if you leave the mission area for too long or continue past the boundary marker.
  • Radar visibility increased.
  • Improved visibility of smaller enemies.
  • Clearer distinction between enemies and allies.
  • Font size of text is increased.
  • Ammo drops from enemies increased.

A lot of these seem like quality of life improvements, and I’m praying that the final game sees even more tweeks to make the experience better.

Daemon X Machina is out September 13 on Nintendo Switch.