Cygames Announces the Formation of America and Europe Branch Offices

Both will be known as 'Cygames America' and 'Cygames Europe'

Cygames has announced its international expansion as the studio has opened two brand new offices in Western markets, the first being Cygames America which will be located in Los Angeles, California and the second one is Cygames Europe, located in London, England, according to an announcement on its website.

The announcement of the new western headquarters itself doesn’t seem like a push to ramp up game development in those countries but more so to expand its global marketing push for the Japan studio’s current and upcoming titles in both markets which account for roughly half of the video game market. The move comes many years after the sudio established branches in Korean and Taiwan markets following the success of the studio’s launch of the strategic card game Shadowverse in June 2016.

Seeing how some of their biggest console games in the Granblue Fantasy universe with Granblue Fantasy: Relink and Arcsystem’s expanded Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising coming this year, the move to expand the company’s marketing team is a pretty smart move knowing how international the audience of that franchise is. Will be interesting to see if we get an update on those upcoming games in this upcoming NOT E3 season of announcements.

The Japanes-based company says the establishment of Cygames America and Cygames Europe is set to keep in line with “the company’s vision to be the best in entertainment, Cygames strives to continue providing high-quality content for fans all around the globe.”