Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Save Files Are Getting Corrupted Because Their File Size Is Too Big

Another day, another debilitating glitch brought on by playing Cyberpunk 2077, the newest title from CD Project Red. I’m still not ready to dive in because I can’t support the practices the management used to take advantage of their staff. I’m also not ready to deal with glitches and bugs whilst trying to play any video game, I get enough of that with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, thank you.

This new issue is a bit troublesome, particularly if you’re on PC or Stadia. As reported by Tom’s Hardware, there’s a new issue that may corrupt your saved data if you let the file size get to be too big. If this was my save file, I’d be affected because I tend to hoard my inventory until near the end of my playthrough. Essentially, what is happening is the crafting in this game is causing your inventory to grow, and by adding more items to your inventory, your file size is ballooning, leading to potential issues. If your file gets to be 8MB or over, you may very well see the message, “saved data is damaged and cannot be loaded.”

Another huge open-world series has had a similar issue, I remember playing Skyrim on PlayStation 3 and noticed that as my file size grew, my game began to lag more and more, leading to the game eventually being unplayable. Many Bethesda titles share this issue, and now it looks like CD Projekt Red’s latest game does too.

The developer has publically acknowledged the issue on their forums. To fix this, you need to back up all of your save files by copying them to a folder on your desktop. Then, do a verify/repair of the game. After that, try loading. If it still doesn’t work, erase the “corrupted” saves and replace them with the backups. Keep doing this as you troubleshoot. It can often be the loading process, not the saving process that borks a save.