This Custom Breath Of The Wild Switch Is A Beauty


People have been modding consoles for years now, with no sign of stopping anytime soon. It’s part of our culture that artist and diehard fans take the time to pour a bit of their soul into something, and this time we’re seeing a custom-made Nintendo Switch modeled after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This thing is beautiful!


Everything about this unit draws from the Zelda universe, and every piece is custom made for this Switch unit. Everything bout this unit is beautiful, and to own this would mean you’re likely going to have to keep it on display instead of in your hands getting usage from it.

– Everything is hand-made. No CAD or lasser cutting has been used in the planning or in the making of the mod.
– Real aged pine wood has been used for the fronts and the backs of both Joy-Cons. Hand cutted, carved, and painted.
– Different green paints and epoxi putty has been used to recreate the moss.
– Chillesed brass has been used for the contours of the Joy-Cons. Hand cutted and folded.
– Synthetic leather has been used for the frame of the handheld. Golden embroidery has been made on it.
– Automotive-quality golden paint and sytnthetic varnish have been applied to the console.
– Uncoordinated twinkling LED lights recreates a blazing fire within the rock, behind the Sheikah Eye.
– All stone-finish has been made using only first quality epoxi putty and acrylic paints.
– Console remains fully playable, in a comfortable way. But as a piece of art, it is intended for display purposes.

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If you’re interested, you can purchase it on eBay. Take note though, this is a one of a kind unit.