Cursed to Golf

Cursed to Golf Announced

Thunderful Publishing and developer Chuhai Lab are launching a bizarre new roguelike golf game that is set to launch next year.

Cursed to Golf is set in Golf Purgatory where you play as the Cursed Golfer who lands in this prison after an accident during an international tournament sends you to your new reality. The story goes that those who complete the courses within Golf Purgatory will be given the chance to return to the mortal coil, but for you, it’s to win the trophy you were wrongfully taken from. With your Legendary Caddie who serves as a mentor to brief you on the way golf works in Golf Purgatory, you’ll need to work together to be redeemed.

If this sounds exciting then I have some good news — a playable teaser is available free on Itch. Golf has been a hot sport for games lately with several titles in the works. You’ll need to finish each hole within the PAR Count or risk the curse taking you back to the start of the course. It isn’t that easy though as you’ll be faced with obstacles including high-powered fans, spikes, TNT boxes, teleporters and more.

Thankfully, Birdie-Eye is available to get a glimpse of the entire course so you can play how to proceed. If your PAR count is low, use gold and silver Shot Idols to replenish your shot count. Or use an Ace Card to turn the odds in your favour like using your newfound powers to manipulate your golf game. You’ll do all this with over 80 holes and the Daily Challenge Mode will keep you busy.