Curse of the Sea Rats

Curse of the Sea Rats Launches In 2023

Curse of the Sea Rats is ready to set sail early next year in a hand-animated, 2.5D action-adventure that allows one to four couch co-op players to take on a crew cursed by a pirate witch to exist as rats. 

Petoon Studio is working on this ‘Ratoidvania’ title and promises this will be a blast after funding a successful Kickstarter in 2020.

The game promises an engaging and uniquely animated experience that is non-linear and full of tough bosses and epic loot.

Each of its four introduced characters appears to play a different style of a duelist. 

David Douglas wields the fire element and a cutlass – balancing range and close combat.

Buffalo Calf uses the air element and double daggers to strike from far and fast.

Bussa is built like the earth element he possesses. He hits hard with a machete and slow skills that do a lot of damage.

Akane Yamakawa flows fast and far like water and puts distance between her and her enemy. 

Teased in the video is a two-tree skill progression system that allows players to develop their weapon and elemental skills with spirit coins collected from battle.