Current Nintendo Of America President Reggie Fils-Aime Is Retiring

It is the end of an era.

Reggie Fils-Aime, the man who’s been with Nintendo for 16 years is officially retiring and with that, his signature style and warm-heartedness goes with him. As with most high-level departures, the news is shocking but understandable. Reggie is retiring to spend more time with his wife and family, and after a stint like his, it’s well deserved. As it stands, his last day with Nintendo is set for April 15, 2019, in which then his successor, Doug Bowser takes over.

“Nintendo owns a part of my heart forever,” Fils-Aime announced. “It’s a part that is filled with gratitude and for the incredibly talented people, I’ve worked with, for the opportunity to represent such a wonderful brand, and most of all, to feel like a member of the world’s most positive and enduring gamer community. As I look forward to departing in both good health and good humour, this is not ‘game over’ for me, but instead ‘levelling up’ to more time with my wife, family and friends.”

PlayStation’s Shawn Layden thanked Reggie for his service, followed with major players across the industry:

I’ve always respected and looked up to Reggie – the man is an outstanding human being and a beacon on how a President of such a large company should be with employees and customers. With Doug Bowser taking over Nintendo of America (and what better last name than Bowser?) Reggie wants us to know we’re in good hands with Doug.

Well wishes, Reggie and good luck, Doug!