The Curious Case Of Playdead’s Co-founder



While not exactly a mystery as the title leads, one-half of the indie studio, Playdead, left the company and was at the time, to seek new challenges and endeavors. Not the case it seems, as new information has surfaced painting a much different picture.

Dino Patti left Playdead one month after the much-beloved Inside launched.

A Danish newspaper by the name of Borsen published an article refuting the original story we were told. A lovely NeoGAF poster by the name of Lime has posted the translated article which breaks down the events of that lead to Patti’s departure.

This all started back in 2015 after the two owners of the studio argued over who the games they produced belonged to, this wasn’t resolved and eventually lead both parties to legal battles, unwilling to speak to each other because of this.

Jensen, “after heavy consideration,” decided he wanted to find other outlets to create which lead to Patti to remove Jensen from the Playdead site registry. Jensen’s lawyers cited this as not leaving the company, but as stepping down as creative director.

As things escalated, the Danish Business Authority stepped in and forced Patti out by paying him 50 million Danish kroner which roughly converts to 7.2 million USD.

Dino Patti feels he was not properly compensated as he feels the studio is worth much more than he was given and would like to give the money back if given the opportunity for his share of the studio.

While the studio has seen turmoil behind the scenes, that should not reflect on Limbo or Inside as both games are both excellent and are must play for everyone.