Crystal Dynamics Rounds Up Industry Veterans For Avengers Project

Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind the successful Tomb Raider reboot, is putting together it’s own version of the Avengers for the upcoming Avengers project that was announced last year. Some of the talent comes from Naughty Dog, including Shaun Escayg, who we reported had left the studio, who most recently served as the creative director on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. He will serve as the creative director on the new Avengers project.

“We recently hired fifteen world-renowned industry veterans, spanning production leadership, animation, design, art and engineering, who have previously worked on games such as Batman: Arkham Origins, Dead Space, Star Wars: Battlefront and many more.” said Ron Rosenberg, Co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics. “Their AAA experience adds to an already deep roster, making us well-positioned to deliver on the ambitious goals we’ve set for ourselves with The Avengers project. It’s a stellar addition of many people who fit incredibly well into our wheelhouse of building game experiences we all love.”

Stephen Barry, a 27-year veteran of both Visceral Games and EA, was previously the former Director of Product Development at Visceral Games.

With so much talent ramping up for the Avengers project, the buzz is increasing as more information is released. This is a massive project for Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, as previously, Activision held the licensing for Marvel properties