Crystal Dynamics Has New Studio Heads


Scott Amos and Ron Rosenberg have been appointed as the new co-heads of Crystal Dynamics.

Ron Rosenberg and Scot Amos have been named as co-studio heads for Crystal Dynamics. Scot and Ron each bring a unique skill set and each will focus on owning different aspects of running a studio, while ultimately making all major decisions together. Both seasoned Crystal Dynamics veterans, Ron and Scot took over a few months ago, and the transition has been seamless. Now that we have a bit of breathing room after the launch, we wanted to formally introduce them in their new role to all of you.

tumblr_inline_nzf98hMzUw1qij4lt_1280Amos on his new position:

I’m thrilled to take the next steps of growing our studio and expanding our portfolio, while continuing to foster an environment where our developers can learn and grow as they craft beloved products.”

tumblr_inline_nzf98pIDjH1qij4lt_1280Rosenberg had something equally exciting to add:

I love making great games with great people and Crystal offers both of those things. We’re always working to make the best game we can for our players, and I’m excited to take this even further in my new role.”