Crymachina Teases Its Opening Video And Theme “NotToNotice();.”

FuRyu and NIS America have confirmed that a standalone version of their action JRPG Crymachina opening credits theme will be available on Monday.  

However, there’s an early look at the anime girl action set to a glitchy dance tune from game character Enoa’s voice actress, Hikaru Tono, featuring music by Sakuzyo and lyrics from ASPRGuS [what a name] in a reasonably lengthy, all-Japanese game update presentation.

The game follows both companies’ rich traditions of providing out-of-this-world adventures. Crymachina carries this forth by providing a cyberpunk my-toaster-is-a-real-girl story where three playable main characters engage in a heartwarming tale of love and war — as they fight in fast-paced action combat featuring a myriad of tactics to customize their weapons and challenge your foes. All to become a real human… or at least figure out what it means to be a real human. 

Crymachina is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC later this year, and NIS America has confirmed that it will arrive with a Limited Edition, which we will learn more about in May, as well as a Deluxe Edition containing a mini artbook, reverse cover, and a digital soundtrack download code.