Crow Country

Crow Country Brings Back The Survivor Horror PS1 Vibes on PC, PS4 and PS5

In a world of remakes, have you ever found yourself reminiscing about the early Resident Evil games on PS1? Well, we have a game for you – it’s called Crow Country, a survivor horror game with a visual block style that harkens back to the early 3D game releases on Sony’s debut game console coming to PC and PlayStation consoles next year.

The look doesn’t take us back to the 90s, but the actual setting a player will find themselves in the year 1990 in rural Georgia, and we find ourselves in the shoes of the mysterious female protagonist, Mara Forest. She ventures into the titular small-town theme park, Crow Country, and searches for the abandoned park’s owner, Edward Crow, who disappeared two years ago after the park closed down.

While Crow Country does honour its inspiration in the tank control Resident Evil games, it doesn’t try to lock itself in that by giving players modern features, including complete camera control with precise aim. Players will be able to aim their weapons in whatever perspective, so while Crow Country looks like one era of Resident Evil games, it’s described as playing more like the modern ones, similar to Resident Evil 4.

“This is the survival horror game you’ve been looking for. It’s turned out to be something special. I seriously can’t wait for players to get their hands on it finally,” SFB Games creative director Adam Vian said in a press release.

For those not too much a fan of spooky games of this ilk, Crow Country will have an Exploration Mode, which will let players focus on solving puzzles and appreciate the game’s mood without worrying about enemies randomly attacking. If you’re sold on the game, get more of a taste as the game’s demo is currently up on PC and PlayStation digital storefronts.

Crow Country will be released sometime in 2024 on PC, PS4, and PS5.