CRKD Nitro Deck

CRKD Nitro Deck For Nintendo Switch Now Shipping

The hardware fits into all versions of the Switch

If you’re looking for an upgrade for your Nintendo Switch, the CRKD Nitro Deck says you don’t have to look any further.

Elevate handheld gaming with improved comfort, enhanced response time, and the inclusion of Hall sensor analog sticks, effectively eliminating stick drift.

We had a look at the CRKD Nitro Deck earlier this year when it was unveiled, showing off some impressive features and a few retro-inspired colour schemes. For anyone who has already ordered one in North America, the items are now on their way out the door.

Some of the stand out features of the CRKD Nitro Deck include a more form-fitting and beefier handheld. For many (myself included), long play sessions and certain control schemes lead to hand cramps. It remains to be seen of the Nitro Deck will “solve” that, but it’s looking like a solid step in that direction.

For more competitive users or anyone looking for a little extra customization, there’s also a set of programmable buttons on the back of the device. This also adds to the experience of using CRKD Nitro Deck while the Switch is docked, as you can use the hardware while the console is plugged into your TV as well.


The six colours and themes are available as well, with one inspired by the Nintendo Gamecube and another by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

CRKD is also bringing some of the experience digital with what they’re calling the “True Collection System.” Using a free app, users can log in and “collect” their CRKD products like the Nitro Deck and take their physical collection with them.

North American gamers can expect the Nitro Deck to be shipped when ordering, while EU and UK gamers will see theirs heading out the door on September 25th.