Cris Tales

Cris Tales Will Launch in July

Cris Tales publisher Modus Games and developers SYCK and Dreams Uncorporated have confirmed a July launch date for one of my most-anticipated titles this year. After being delayed from November 2020, Cris Tales will now launch this coming July.

There’s a demo available for you to try out the RPG and you can pre-order the collector’s edition if you wish to do so. Today’s trailer focuses on a few of the locales that Crisbell and her unique pals will be exploring during their time-hopping journey. There’s also an in-depth article available that explains more about the game, the characters and the adventure.

I’ve been enamoured with Cris Tales for quite a while now and the more I see, the more I want to play this game. I’ve spent more time than I want to admit playing the demo on Steam and it’s been a hard wait but one that has been worth it.

Cris Tales will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation (PS4 and PS5), Xbox (Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One), PC (Steam, Epic, GOG), and Stadia.