Cris Tales

Cris Tales Closes Out Year With New Character, Dungeons, and Ending

Modus Games and developers Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK launched Cris Tales earlier this year across several platforms. It was a fun tribute to JRPGs that I enjoyed, even though it had some issues tied to the genre and lingering technical issues.

In a new update that launches today, Cris Tales is getting new content as well as improvements to the Nintendo Switch version of the game that should make playing it a bit easier.

The developers have added a new character – Adri, to the roster. Adri is the seventh playable character and is a robot mechanic players encounter in St. Clarify. Her role is expanded upon in the later areas of the game and in combat she serves as a summoner who can build mines, turrets and more.

A new dungeon has also been added alongside Adri. This dungeon is mechanical-themed and includes new enemy encounters and unique puzzles for players to find and solve. Furthermore, the Coliseum has been improved and you can battle waves of challenging enemies for loot, currency, and rewards. There’s also a new boss and new enemies to encounter when you speak to the travelling merchant to access the Coliseum.

A new cutscene and ending have been added to the game and new content is accessible late game. Players who have already finished the game can simply load up their files to experience the new content.