Cris Tales

Cris Tales Announced

Cris Tales is in development from Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK and published Modus Games. It’s a wonderful looking little RPG that really catches the eye and involves all-sorts of time travel.

Also, combat in Cris Tales involves turned-based combat and unique time magic mechanic can alter her foes’ timelines. Attributes and advantages change depending on an enemy’s placement in time, making each encounter an engaging dance of coordinating team strikes, defense possibilities, and warping timetables.

Crisbell’s journey leads her through a fantastical and exquisitely detailed world where she’ll meet incredible allies and witness stunning vistas across five varied regions, like the pristine towers of the kingdom of Crystallis and the grimy slums of Saint Clarity. Her party’s actions leave a profound influence across time in and out of battle, meaningfully impacting gameplay. Witness the results of your choices in real time through traditionally animated graphics and experience a branching ending while braving a visually dynamic land in need of saving.