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Creature In The Well Is A Pinball Game With Hack And Slash Elements

During Wednesday’s Nindie Showcase, we got a good look at the upcoming Creature in the Wall, a title coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC this summer. I’m a huge fan of titles like this, and it reminds me of games like Yoku’s Island Express, a game who’s demo sold me on the full game and I bought two copies right away on my Switch and PlayStation 4.

After watching the brief trailer, I’m thinking this is a wonderful game serving as a palette cleanse after so many AAA games in such a short period of time, and you really need to keep this game on your radar.

Creature in the Well is a top down pinball inspired hack and slash dungeon crawler. As the last remaining BOT-C unit, venture deep into a desert mountain to restore power to an ancient facility, haunted by a desperate Creature. Uncover and upgrade powerful gear in order to save the city of Mirage from a deadly sandstorm.

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