Crash vs Spyro

Crash vs Spyro Kart Racer Prototype Uncovered In Original Xbox Devkit

Founded by YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer

Sony’s two early platforming mascots could have faced off on the racetrack, according to a newly discovered Crash vs Spyro Racer prototype founded by YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer (MVG) in an old devkit for the original Xbox.

The content creator previously unearthed two other racing-themed unreleased games in the dev kit, including ‘Ford vs. Chevvy’ and ‘Fast and the Furious’ with a now-known third one being an early Crash vs Spyro game. The demo showcased a cinematic of the two (soon to be Xbox-owned) PlayStation OGs facing off and a demo with very early gameplay of what could have been with generic racers going through a track while going through Crash’s iconic crates, with the actual sound taken from the original games. No playable Crash or Spyro racers were shown off in this demo.

The racing prototype was developed in 2003/2004 by LT Studios, which worked on all three of these unreleased games, according to the original Xbox devkit. The studio was founded in 1999 and later went to work in 2000, according to the demo’s studio splash screen and MVG.

This isn’t the first time the crossover racing game has been revealed, dating back to 2021; an Italian website claimed that Argonaut Games (developer of the SNES Star Fox Games) was working on Crash vs. Spyro Racing instead. This is technically true as MVG claims Argonaut Games acquired LT Studio in 2002 and became a subsidiary of the company. Two years later, from 2021 to 2023, all this became true thanks to the devkit MVG founded.

While Crash vs Spyro Kart Racer, MVG has shared all the files of the unfinished game so you can play the early prototype on an emulator if anyone so chooses.