Crackdown Is Currently Free

Crackdown 3 is close enough we can finally get excited. So in the meantime, if you haven’t already, consider checking out the original Crackdown which is currently free. Now is as good as a time as any to check out what everyone loved about the original, at no cost to you.

I’m excited to jump in and see what I missed with the original Crackdown, which I’ve heard is really good and mindless fun. I’m downloading the free copy as I write this but I’m not going to get too invested, especially with the latest chapter coming out in less than two weeks. I might test the waters and see what I missed out on the Xbox 360, a console I had more Red Rings of Death on than game time.

The original Crackdown released in 2007 and was a huge hit for the Xbox 360, I remember my friends talking about the game. I was never much into the gameplay the game offered at the time and was more invested in RPGs and JRPGs, which back then, was constantly releasing and most were good.