Growth Switch Launch

Cozy Up With Growth Launching On Switch This December

The game will hit the eShop in less than a month

Easy-to-use and understand mechanics, calming music, charming aesthetic, and the opportunity to create something of your own. Those are just some of the characteristics of the ever-expanding “cozy game” genre, and it looks like Growth will have that in spades! Or should I say… hexagons?

From developer VoodooDuck and published by Assemble Entertainment, Growth hit Steam earlier this year, but in less than a month, you can also pick it up on Nintendo Switch.

As you can see from the brief but charming trailer, Growth is described as “a cozy, hexagonal-grid based soft-strategy game by VoodooDuck. Explore and populate a procedurally generated world by utilizing the unique abilities of animals. Growth blends the beauty of cozy exploration with challenging navigation around obstacles.”

The game includes eight different animals like deer, duck, and bees. All have unique abilities that will help you expand on these maps. At launch, there will also be nine different tiles with distinct terrains.

The game will be released in the Nintendo eShop on December 21st.

Growth is now available on Steam if you don’t have a Switch or would prefer to play on your PC or Steam Deck.