Main Mission

Covenant House Toronto Introduces Main Mission to Help Youth

Having spent four years studying journalism at Ryerson University and living in the area around its downtown Toronto campus, I know how vital nearby Covenant House‘s youth services are to the community.

I’m happy to see it’s colliding with the gaming world to do some good for the younger, vulnerable people of the city. Enter Main Mission, a new initiative to help the youth of the city.

On March 7, 2022, Covenant House is accepting a Main Mission, which is not a mission that advances the story in the traditional sense that it often is for gamers. Instead, it is a fund and awareness-raising campaign running until April 1st. 

As part of Main Mission, Covenant House invites everyone to participate by hosting their own charity streams to raise funds and awareness for youth experiencing homelessness, in risky situations, or trafficked. Donations as low as $10 can feed someone for a day, and there’s a number of low-barrier donation milestones that provide noticeable change. See below for just a few.  


By signing up to take part in the mission, you’ll also be eligible to win prizes and take part in special events and co-streams. 

“We are very excited to once again hold a gaming-based fundraising event that has a real mission – to support youth who are homeless or trafficked,” said Mark Aston, Executive Director, Covenant House Toronto. “Main Mission is an opportunity for us to showcase the passion and ingenuity that the gaming community and gaming industry has for charitable causes like ours while doing what they love.”

If you are a streamer looking to get involved, there’s a handy toolkit full of graphics, information, stats and a quick start checklist!