Cotton Reboot! Arrives in 2021

ININ Games is planning on releasing Cotton Reboot! in 2021 in the West, with both physical and digital releases on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Cotton Reboot! is an updated and remastered video game, based on the “cute’em’up” Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, which launched in arcades back in 1991. This is a port of the X68000 version and sees a young witch named Nata de Cotton as she heads out to quell her sugar cravings.

The remaster inclues an arrange mode with 16:9 ratio, redesigned graphics, and even a score attack mode. Cotton will explore several stages with her fairy companion, Silk, together gathering Willows, the candy Cotton desires.

Cotton Reboot! will launch first in Japan on February 25 on Switch and PlayStation 4.