Control’s The Foundation DLC Launches Next Week

Remedy’s Control launched last year and blew me away. I was so taken in by the world, the Federal Bureau of Control that I needed more once I’d finished the campaign.

Thankfully, the first DLC expansion, The Foundation has been revealed and it looks as odd as the main game. Set after the main game, the first piece of content is about the Astral Plane colliding with our reality. Jesse Faden must travel through the caverns of the Foundation to prevent the worlds from colliding, and destroying The Oldest House. Jesse will also search for Helen Marshall, the Head of Operations, who has been missing and presumed to be somewhere within the Foundation. There’s also a new enemy type: the Sharpened Hiss and learn new skills to tackle new challenges.

The Foundation launches on March 26 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Xbox One will see the DLC on June 25.